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Strong Female Characters


Ok, I’ll admit it. I own a small library disguised as a home.

(a small section)

And yes, if there is a theme in my shelves, it’s that I like to read books about strong female characters. I think I imprinted on Anne McCaffrey‘s writings at an early age. That said, I don’t think I really noticed this theme until I married and my husband commented on it. In a topic for another post, it’s only been in this last year or two that I’ve “discovered” feminism.

So, while I’ve been reading strong female characters for years, it didn’t occur to me that this was unusual.

Imagine then, my delight in finding these articles. 

Why I Write “Strong Female Characters” by Greg Rucka

Best Quote:

The Quick Answer goes like this:

Q: How do you write such strong/well-realized/positively portrayed women?

A: I don’t. I write characters. Some of those characters are women.

My Other Favorite Quote (from his Long Answer):

“Gender isn’t simply a biological trait; it’s a societal one. The female experience is different from that of the male, and if, as a male writer, you cannot accept that basic premise, then you will never, ever, be able to write women well. A man walking alone through Midtown Manhattan at three in the morning may have concerns for his safety, but I promise you, it’s a very different experience for a woman taking the same walk, and it’s different again for a man wearing a dress. Think about it. That’s a societal factor, and it’s a gendered one, and this is not and can not be subject to debate. If you’re looking to argue that sexism is a thing of the past, that the world is gender-blind, you’re not only wrong, you’re lying to yourself.”

 Then there’s a video with Joss Whedon discussing this issue:

Keep watching.  No really, watch all the way to the end.  Isn’t that last answer the best?!  😀

Enjoy the links!

Mrs. Penguin.